I’m Jacob Reimann, the groundbreaking holistic coach.

I help individuals and teams going through a crisis or challenging situation to quickly start to deal with it calmly and rationally, from a place of inner strength and peace.

I do this by showing them how to dissolve both conscious and subconscious stress in minutes whenever they need to, and then working with them to understand and resolve, as quickly as possible, the root causes of their stress.
This may include:
  • Quickly and safely transforming the limiting subconscious beliefs that result in feelings of self doubt, anxiety, low mood, fear or anger.
  • Dissolving the stress of past physical and emotional traumas, problematic work or personal relationships, health or financial issues.
  • Dissolving the stress of upcoming events, in advance of them happening, so they can be dealt with calmly and rationally when they do happen
  • Resolving physical, nutritional and environmental factors that inhibit an effective response to stress.
  • Teaching effective and practical stress resilience.

I’d love to work with you and your team.

Get started right now by watching the free and exclusive training on how to dissolve conscious and subconscious stress in under 5 minutes.

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