Hello, I’m Jacob Reimann.

The Inner Freedom Healing Process

I help people with emotional, spiritual or physical health challenges to understand and resolve the root causes of their issues so they can heal and live their life to the fullest. For healing groups information click the appropriate title here: ANXIETY, BIRTH TRAUMA, GRIEF, MISCARRIAGE/ABORTION, SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE/CRISIS, TRAUMA/PTSD, WOMB/VANISHING TWIN SURVIVOR and Skupinové Léčení Traumat

I combine intuition with energy work, functional medicine and deep personal and family emotional work to help my clients unpack their challenges heal them.

I guide people to resolve issues including:

  • Stress, anxiety, fear and depression
  • Vanishing Twin Syndrome
  • Long-term fear and paralysis
  • Challenging relationships – personal, work and family
  • Health conditions such as arthritis, eczema, chronic fatigue and Lyme disease
  • Unresolved physical and emotional trauma such as birth trauma, childhood experience of divorce and abuse
  • Spiritual confusion and pain
  • Digestive issues such as bloating, food intolerances and allergies

I’d been struggling with shame and anxiety for years. Working with Jacob we discovered that I had unresolved birth trauma due to being born prematurely.

Working through this has been life changing, and I’m now finally optimistic and hopeful at what life has to offer.*


I had been obese since I was eight years old. and tried every kind of diet to try and lose my extra pounds. 

Jacob guided me to resolve the stress that was causing me to over eat and restore my love of myself as a man. I am approaching my ideal weight for the first time in sixty years.* 


If you are curious to discover how we may be able to work together to enable you to resolve your challenges and create the life you’ve always wanted then get in touch now.

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