Hello, I’m Jacob, an intuitive healer that guides people to heal deep trauma, grief, anger and other emotions that are holding them back from living a life of love and joy.

Inner Freedom - Healing Intro

Many of these feelings can be due to traumatic experiences such as:

  • Being conceived by parents full of anger and self hatred.
  • Losing a brother or sister in the womb
  • Experiencing a traumatic birth (for both the mother and the child)
  • Growing up with parents in a deeply dysfunctional relationship or that are already traumatised themselves
  • Ancestral trauma -- war, famine, extreme poverty etc
  • Losing loved ones at an early age
  • Occupational trauma such as combat and working in the emergency services, medicine and social care

When these traumas are carried with us they can result in:

  • A constant sense of panic, fear and anxiety
  • Self hatred
  • Depression
  • Self disgust
  • Rejection of life.
  • Poor physical health -- unresolved trauma and emotions can contribute to inflammation which is a root cause of many illnesses.
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One of the biggest challenges to healing is knowing how to truly heal, and knowing what to heal and in what order.

How I can help you is to intuitively unpack the root causes of your current life challenges and your energy system what the unresolved traumas or negative experiences are that you may not be aware of.

We can then work together to heal in a group or private setting, or you can go on your own structured healing journey with support from me as and when you need it.

Schedule a 20 minute chat now to discuss your challenges. We’ll work out the best way for you to heal and begin to live the life that you want for yourself.