We are an online healing community that provides a safe, inclusive space for our members to learn how to heal their own physical, mental and spiritual health challenges, join our group healing events, find practice partners and much more.

Depending on your membership level, you can also join online sessions to ask questions about your healing journey, or work directly with one of our healers to accelerate your healing.

The Inner Freedom Healing system is a combination of Kinesiology or muscle testing, Western and Eastern medicine, community and tantric Buddhist, Sufi and Taoist spiritual practices.

To put it simply, when you learn the system, you will learn how to ask your body what is the root cause of an issue you have and find the best solution to resolve it.

You will learn how to:

  • Gather Chi or life energy from the heavens
  • Compress it with your body and your intention and direct it with your mind to where it’s needed for your healing. This could be an organ, it could be trauma, a limiting belief, a spiritual block or an aspect of your relationship to yourself or someone else.
  • Learn how to use your heart chakra for healing.
  • Heal your chi by exchanging it for heal heavenly chi
  • Heal your desire for or attachment to suffering.
  • Heal with partners and in a group.

You will learn how to do this in every moment without having to wait until you’re in a quiet place or when you have time to sit down and meditate or when you’re back from work.

This means that your healing will come part of your life and enable you to go from suffering to joy as quickly as possible. We have healing programmes for a range of challenges and budgets.

So find the one that best suits you and I really look forward to working with you!