About Us

Hi, I’m Jacob Reimann.

I’m the creator of the Inner Freedom Healing System. My mission is to show as many people in the world what how to heal themselves and their loved ones.

There came a point in my life about 5 years ago when I realised that I couldn’t go on any more and that I was going crazy.

All my life experiences of trauma and unacknowledged grief, rage, shame and self disgust that I’d been suppressing since early childhood finally caught up with me and I realised bit by bit that the extreme anxiety, panic and terror that I was experiencing wasn’t normal.

I was searched for a way through this and came across a number of fantastic healing processes. But I realised that what I really needed to do, after a lot of trial and error, was to accept every part of myself that was stuck in trauma, rage and grief with love and compassion.

After having healed myself and working with private clients for several years, I created a simple process that anyone can use themselves to heal deepest trauma and terror of existence, mental and physical illness, sexuality and spiritual confusion.

I now heal, educate and teach others to heal themselves and their loved ones so that they don’t need to suffer and can experience a life of joy and fulfilment here and now.

Find out how you can begin your healing journey here. I really look forward to our paths crossing!

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