Ancestral/Family Trauma Healing

The collective consciousness of all family members from this and past generations combines into what I call the family information field. 

Our own life experiences, beliefs, unresolved trauma and so on are part of this family field, as are those of all other family members. 

In some cases, we are affected by the negative experiences of other family members such as parents or grandparents. This could be hunger, rape, disease, abandonment, grief, war and so on. 

Ancestral/Family Trauma

This can manifest as emotional challenges that we can’t seem to resolve, or as genetic defects contributing to ill health. 

Sometimes grief can affect multiple members of a family, and healing the grief of one member may not be enough to bring resolution. 

I remember my mother talking about her grief of losing her father when she was a little girl. For years I had the feeling that I was carrying this grief because I’d often be sad for no real reason, to the point were it was having a negative affect on my self worth and relationships. 

Working with Jacob and Helena to identify this grief and heal it has been so special. I realised that I had taken on this grief of my mothers when I was little. I feel it was to be loyal to her in some way. 

I am now able to live with more joy and meaning, and a great weight has been lifted from my shoulder. * 


The process of healing ancestral and family trauma has two parts. The first part is to understand and mitigate the triggers in your life that are bringing up this trauma. The second part is to connect with and directly heal the trauma in the family energy field. 

Triggers can be particular situations, memories, people. They can also be frequencies of light, foods or colours.

If you have an emotional or physical challenge that you know or feel could be the result of unresolved Ancestral or Family trauma and you’d like to explore how this can be healed then schedule a Complementary Discovery Session. We really look forward to talking. 

*Results may vary from person to person.