Birth/Pregnancy Trauma Healing

A difficult or traumatic birth can negatively affect both the mother and the child. 

The mother can be traumatised from the experience if the birth doesn’t go well or if she loses the child. 

The child can store trauma or memories of the pregnancy or the birth that affect him/her later in adult life. 

Symptoms of unresolved birth trauma can include unexplained feelings of fear or terror, low self worth and/or developmental issues contributing to dyslexia and ADHD.

I was born prematurely and spent three months in an incubator. Unexplained anxiety and fear had dogged me all my life. Being able to understand that these feelings were due to feeling abandoned by my mother and actually being able to do something about it has been amazing.


By intuitively working to directly heal the stored energy of the strong emotions generated during difficult births or pregnancies, real transformational shifts can take place. 

If you have an emotional or physical challenge that you know or feel could be the result of unresolved birth or preganancy trauma and you’d like to explore how this can be healed, then schedule a Complementary Discovery Session. I really look forward to talking. 

*Results may vary from person to person