Quickly stop stress, panic and fear in 3 easy steps

This simple and fast 3 step process will help you to quickly come out of stress, fear or panic.

Step 1 . Circular breathing.

Inhale through your mouth and fill your stomach, chest and under the collar bone with as much air as possible.

Step 2. Calm the nerves

On the in-breath open the arms and arch your head back like you are taking your first breath.

Step 3. Accept what is happening

Accept what is happening by bringing the fear/panic/terror to your heart and accepting it with love and compassion.

Repeat until you are calm.

Why this works.

When we panic our breath tends to be short and shallow. By breathing deeply into our stomachs we are telling our body that it is safe.

When we are in danger or in trauma our nervous system can go into a fear reflex. This can cause us to want to curl up into a ball. By spreading the arms out and arching the head back we are telling the nervous system that we are safe and can relax.

By accepting whatever is happening to us we reduce the intensity and emotional charge of our fear of it.

How long do I need to do this for?

As long as you need to. Perhaps one minute, perhaps five minutes. Just keep going until you feel calm and able to deal with the situation.

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