Childhood Trauma Healing

Traumatic life experiences in childhood, when they are either ongoing or we are unable to process them, can create a wide range of emotional and sometimes physical challenges. 

Whether the trauma is due to neglect, abuse, injury or something else, this can lead to strong feelings of shame, rage, fear and others. When unresolved, this can lead to a wide range of challenges in childhood and later on in life. 

Unresolved childhood trauma can also lead to increased anxiety, depression or stress because in the subconscious mind it’s only ever ‘now’. This means that trauma can be constantly triggered by things that consciously or subconsciously remind us of it, even if it’s not obvious what these are. 

Childhood Trauma

In my experience these can be situations, people, foods, colours, or emotions. In many cases, the trauma can be constantly being triggered by things such as daylight, electromagnetic waves from for example mobile phones or wifi routers, and so on. 

When seeing Jacob for long-term sleep problems, he guided me to realise that the feelings of dread and fear I had while lying there in bed was exactly the same feelings I experienced when I was a young boy.

My family would often argue and I felt powerless and guilty that I couldn’t do anything about it. I hated the conflict and the shouting so much. 

Healing the years of trauma of experiencing this resolved my inability to sleep and my anxiety. Amazing. *

Neil | London

Directly working intuitively with the specific energy fields of the trauma to release and heal them is one of the fastest and most effective ways to bring peace and clarity to traumatic experiences in or from childhood.

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*Results may vary from person to person