Group Healing FAQ

Can you remind me of the core healing process again?

Yes – it’s as easy as 123 🙂

  1. Circular breathing – open your mouth, breathe as deeply into your stomach as you can, then your chest, then under you collar bone, and then a little bit more so you can’t fit any more air in. Then breathe out naturally. Then repeat so there is no gap between the in and out breaths.
  2. Reverse fear reflex – on the in-breath of the circular breathing open your arms wide and gently tilt your head back. On the out-breath bring your arms and head to where they started.
  3. Choose love, life, joy and peace with every moment while you are processing/healing what you are working with.

Here is the link to the video of the process.

At what rate/frequency do I do the breath work?

Breathe at a rate that is similar to when you are sleeping or in deep relaxation.

I’ d like to know for how many times should we do the healing process at home between the sessions.

I would suggest once a day for an 30-60 minutes if you can.

It may be that in the time you have set aside for your own healing you are feeling good and doing something that you enjoy, so just keep doing that.

You may also feel something painful or challenging when you have not set aside time for healing. In this case begin the healing process and stay with and accept the pain/challenge with the breathing, reflex work if needed and the intentions until it has shifted/dissolved.