The Inner Freedom Healer Training Program

The Inner Freedom Healer Training Program is for professional healers, therapists or medical professionals who want to heal their shadow. They also want to learn how to do this professionally and gain certification from us.

The program is a combination of Daoist spiritual practices, Chinese and modern functional medicine and kinesiology muscle testing that guides you to heal your body, mind and spirit in a safe and supportive online community.

The Program consist of the following topics delivered in a weekly recorded format. The Program is six months long. Membership is on a rolling monthly basis and you can cancel or put your membership on hold at any time.


Developing Intuition

Exercises to develop your intuition including muscle testing, sensing of energy fields and qi.

Healing Procedures

A range of procedures to heal the body including gently adjusting bones and optimising digestive and muscle function.

Qigong (Energy work)

A comprehensive range of Qigong exercises to heal and balance your body and mind

Neigong (Inner Alchemy)

A powerful set of practices for deep inner healing and awakening.

Breath work

Breathing exercises to calm the nervous system, increase oxygen and complement the Qigong and Neigong practice


Information you need to know such how the meridian system or digestive system works


Exercises to discover things like which foods suit you and don’t suite you or if you need more of a vitamin or mineral

Group work

How to heal in a group for deeper healing

Partner work

How to work with a partner for healing and discovery

Teaching Program

Online Teaching:
Access to the recorded lessons you can watch and practice in your own time.

Community Membership:
Access to the online forums and groups where you can discuss your healing journey with other members and find practice partners

Weekly Group Healing:
Learn to deliver online healing sessions where we come together to create an energy field for healing ourselves and each other, guided by one or more of our professional and student healers.

Weekly Group Healer Training
Group healer training sessions with Jacob

Learn to deliver Personal Healing Programs
Advice on nutrition, optimal vitamins and minerals, gut health and energy system to ensure optimal health.

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