6 Hour Getting Started With Healing Mini-Course

This mini-course is for people who want to begin learning how to heal themselves and their loved ones. It’s a mini version of the Inner Freedom Healing System.

This could be dissatisfaction with your life situation, or feeling stuck, anxious, or stressed.

The challenge begins this Thursday the 20th of October at 5 pm London time (BST)

For this week only, so that I can get your feedback, (video) testimonials (if you are comfortable with that) and thoughts and ideas on what could be improved, this challenge is FREE.

It takes place over two weeks for 3 hours a week.

From Tuesday the 20th of October it will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with Friday to Monday each week for practising what you’ve learned with the other challenge members, your partner or your kids.

You will receive a link to the training replays if you can’t make these times, and can ask questions, meet the others and arrange practice groups on our Facebook group.

During the course you will learn:

  • Grounding and safely connecting to your subconscious
  • Acceptance and working with our intention, consciousness and energy fields
  • Exploring energy fields to find possible causes and solutions to issues

Healing. This will continue to take place at 5 pm from Tuesday the 20th.

How to begin to heal emotional or physical issues

This will focus on:

  • Learning how to understand, accept and work with emotions such as grief and anger
  • Beginning to explore allergies and infections and why you may not be healing
  • Understanding which emotional causes may be behind challenges in your life
  • How to work in a group to deepen healing and be safe and know that you are not alone

To take part in this, all you need to do is click below to buy this Challenge using the test credit card number on the checkout. Using a real credit card won’t work 🙂

You’ll get an email with your ‘receipt’ with your username and password and a welcome email with the webinar link to the training which you’ll be able watch at a convenient time if you can’t make it.

If you know anyone who may benefit from this then get them signed up as well 🙂

I look forward to getting to work!

With love Jacob.

The registration for the October 2020 Beginning Learning How To Heal Challenge is now closed. The registration for the November 2020 Challenge will open in a few days time. Please get in touch using the contact form if you have any questions.