The Inner Freedom Healing Neurodivergence Programme

This Programme is a combination of online teaching and membership of a caring and supportive online community.

Healing teaching

Accessing your subconscious mind
Breathwork – beginner and advanced

Understanding and working with energy/qi/prana
Developing your intuition

Learning how to heal your emotions such as rage, shame, grief, hatred etc
Learning how to work with your energy fields of emotion/qi to find what is causing our problems and what to do about it.

The meridian system
Basic anatomy
Toxins, allergies, infections
Vitamins, minerals
The Digestive system

Simple adjustments to the skull and pelvis

Family and ancestral healing

Becoming a Healer
Healing your loved ones

Tantra – the transformation of desire
Recognising and healing your attachment to suffering
Recognising and healing your shadow

Online Community Membership

Weekly Group Healing (Silver and above)

We get together once a week to heal as a group. Healing in a group is a powerful way to heal.

Weekly Live Group Q&A (Silver and above)

Here you can ask any questions you may have about your healing

Weekly 1:1 Personal Healing Guidance (Gold and above)

One on one time with one of our healers to resolve any issues you may have, go through your personal healing map to ensure you are on track.

Weekly 1:1 Personal Healing (Platinum and above)

Healing of your emotions, attachment to suffering, ego.

Level BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond
Online Training
Community Membership
Weekly Group Healing
Weekly Group Q&A
Weekly 1:1 Guidance
Weekly 1:1 Healing √√