Healing Mind & Body Programs

Are you professionally where you want to be but feel that your life is missing the joy and wonder that you know you should be experiencing? 

This can typically be for 3 reasons

  • Choosing to grieve out of loyalty to our parent’s grief 
  • Losing a brother or sister in our mother’s womb and a part of us not wanting to live but to be with them
  • Being full of rage at one or both of our parents and choosing to be rage as a part of our identity that it stops us living in joy  

Taking on our parents grief. We can sometimes experience deep grief that feels like the background to our life, that is always there but we can’t really explain it.  It stops us from being able to fully experience life and makes us feel that whatever happens, we can’t feel deep joy. 

Because our parent’s energy field is part of us we, can take on their grief or other emotions such as shame or self-disgust out of loyalty to them, or because we think that that’s just how life is. 

Losing a twin brother or sister in our mother’s womb. This is known as Vanishing Twin Syndrome. It’s known to affect 10-15% of pregnancies and can leave us feeling inexplicably sad and alone. 

Part of us can not want to live due to missing the other so much, and we can blame ourselves or our mother for their death. 

By connecting to your energy field and compassionately recognising and accepting this grief, loneliness and longing together we can dissolve this deep grief and free you from this.

Choosing to stay in rage. When we experience abuse as children from a parent or sibling, we are often too young to be able to express our deep anger and shame due to the terror of not being loved or being alone. 

This can build up into a deep unaccepted and unacknowledged rage that we don’t even recognise as rage but can cause us to experience life through this.

By connecting to the energy fields of our unaccepted or chosen emotions that don’t serve us and healing the blocks in our consciousness with love and acceptance we are able to finally dissolve them and heal. 

What I just shared above is one of the main things that I address with my clients in my 3 month or 6 month small (5 max) online healing group programs. 

By working in a caring and supported group and bringing our combined, guided attention to each of those parts of us that are creating our life situation, and accepting them with love and compassion, we transform our wounds and illusions into joy. 

The investment for these programs is mid to low 5 figures and is for people are looking for deep transformation in a safe, professional and guided online environment.

Get in touch today using the form below if interested in these programs with the best way to contact you and when, and we’ll chat to see if we are a good fit. If we are we can get you started right away :-). 

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