Healing Trauma Programs

Are you professionally where you want to be but feeling empty inside?

Not growing your career or business due to feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed could be the result of unresolved/hidden trauma that is not healing despite the passage of time and your best efforts.

This can typically happen for the following 3 reasons:

* A nervous system that is freaking out due to thinking it’s in constant danger

* Refusal to truly accept the trauma by a part of you that is re-living it

* Your own intention – you can be choosing subconsciously to be re-living that trauma because a part of you feels safe and loved there

Childhood nervous reflexes 

You may have one or more nervous system reflexes activated by the trauma.   

An example is the Fear Paralysis reflex. This is the what causes an embryo to recoil from danger whether it be a poke or when experiencing parental conflict. In a healthy embryo, this reflex becomes active at around 5 weeks and stops being active after around 10 weeks when other reflexes emerge. 

Trauma of any description can cause this reflex to become active again and result in constant anxiety and panic, fear, and feeling that your life is happening to someone else.  

By doing specific breath and intention exercises when this reflex is active, the nervous system re-learns that it is safe and the constant panic recedes. 

As long as you have truly accepted the trauma

When we just can’t accept that the traumatic event(s) happened to us, it’s much harder for them to heal. Feeling that they just shouldn’t have happened, that it’s not fair, that life isn’t fair etc etc

Many people haven’t learned how to accept reality. To deeply, truly, with all their heart accept what is.

Through deep acceptance of the traumatic events and surrender, healing can happen.

As long as you are not actively choosing to relive the trauma every moment of your life.

Let me explain. 

When we experience physical or emotional abuse at an early age we can grow up in anxiety and fear while having shut the experience(s) off, forgetting the details of what happened.

But what can also happen is that despite the abuse, the memories of growing up with our parents as a family can be the closest thing we know to love and safety. This can make us want to be there with them more than in the present moment.

We can create an illusion of what we think our life with our parents was – that the abuse and terror and rage that we experienced at the time is our only connection to them and their love. So to be with them we can subconsciously keep on choosing to be there and reject the life we are living. For decades after it’s all over.

We can go through life never really truly HERE in the present moment, unable to experience deeply experience the wonder of being alive in love and wonder and able to enjoy the fruits of our labour.  

Recognising that we’ve been creating and choosing this panic and terror all our lives is always a REAL facepalm moment. That we are putting so much energy into being our childhood terrified selves, to be with parents that are illusions that we have created. That have long since died. 

Healing this is done with breathwork, energy work, acceptance and surrender. 

By energy work, I mean connecting with our intention to the specific part of our consciousness/self that is choosing to be in illusion or non-acceptance. And once we are connected to that part of us, we stay with it in love and compassion until it’s healed/dissolved. 

It allows us to finally heal and finally see life for what it really is  – full of wonder, joy and opportunity.

What I just shared above is one of the main things that I address with my clients in my 3 month or 6 month small (5 max) online healing group programs. 

By working in a caring and supported group and bringing our combined, guided attention to each of those parts of us that are creating our life situation, and accepting them with love and compassion, we transform our wounds into joy.

We will also heal other traumas such as the trauma of a difficult birth, accidents and so on. 

The investment for these programs is mid to low 5 figures and is for people are looking for deep transformation in a safe, professional and guided online environment.

Get in touch today using the form below if interested in these programs with the best way to contact you and when, and we’ll chat to see if we are a good fit. If we are we can get you started right away :-). 

I look forward to serving you.