The Inner Freedom Healing Loved Ones Programme

The Inner Freedom Healing Loved Ones programme is for people who would like to learn how to heal a child, partner or parent

The issue that many people have is not knowing what the root causes of their challenges are, and if they do know, they aren’t sure what to do about them. The Inner Freedom healing system will show you how to discover what is causing your condition and how to heal it.

The Inner Freedom healing system is a combination of Kinesiology or muscle testing, Western and Eastern medicine, community and Tantric Buddhist, Sufi and Taoist spiritual practices.

To put it simply, when you learn the system, you will learn how to ask your body what is the root cause of an issue you have and find the best solution to resolve it.

You will then learn how to:

  • Gather Chi or life energy from the heavens
  • Compress it with your body and your intention and direct it with your mind to where it’s needed for your healing. This could be an organ, it could be trauma, a limiting belief, a spiritual block or an aspect of your relationship to yourself or someone else.
  • Learn how to use your heart chakra for healing.
  • Heal your chi by exchanging it for heal heavenly chi
  • Heal your desire for or attachment to suffering.
  • Heal with partners and in a group.

You will learn how to do this in every moment without having to wait until you’re in a quiet place or when you have time to sit down and meditate or when you’re back from work.

Membership levels

Online Teaching
Community Membership
Weekly Group Healing
Weekly Group Q&A
Weekly 1 on 1 30 min Guidance
Weekly Personal Healing15min30min60min

Online Teaching

Access to the Inner Freedom Healing Programme online teaching.

Community Membership

The Inner Freedom Healing online community is a place to meet other members, ask each other questions and find partners to practice with. Questions asked in the forums will be put into our online documentation so other members can also benefit. If you need personal guidance on your healing journey then you will need to at least join the weekly group Q&A which is for Silver members and above.

Weekly online group healing

Access to the online group healing sessions run by one of our healers
Weekly Group Questions and answers: You time to ask direct questions and to resolve any challenges you may have with what you are learning

Weekly 1 on 1 Guidance

Personal time with one of our healers to go in-depth with your questions and feedback on how you are progressing. Guidance on what’s coming up for you on your healing journey.

Weekly personal healing

Personal healing of your body, mind and spirit with one of our healers. 15 mins/week for platinum members, 30 mins for ruby members and 1 hour a week for diamond members.