How mobile phones and other things around us can trigger stress and unresolved trauma

Find out how Shaun discovered what was triggering his unresolved trauma of a business failing and what he did about it. 

If you are more stress then you think you should be, or have a gnawing sense unexplained fear or anxiety that you’ve experienced for a long time, it may be because an unresolved trauma is being triggered by something really unexpected in your environment.

This isn’t Shaun.

When we are experiencing anger, shame, fear or another emotion that is pulling us out of our flow, we usually have some idea of what’s triggering it. 
But so many of us experience ongoing stress that we don’t really know where it comes from, and we need to put in coping mechanisms such as deep breathing, mindfulness, sport, alcohol and so on. 

In my clinical experience, this ongoing stress can be the result of something in our environment triggering unresolved trauma such as the memory of being attacked, a difficult birth and so on. It seems that the psyche often associates a traumatic experience or series of experiences with something in the environment at the time such as a particular sound, colour, space, electrical signal or some other stimulus.

With many of my clients these triggers have been things that they are always experiencing, so they never really know what its like to not experience stress and the underlying fear, anxiety etc 

Shaun’s unexpected stress triggers. 

Shaun had been experiencing stress and anxiety since he could remember. He’d been trying to work out for years what was contributing to his stress, and had drawn a frustrating blank. 
While working together we discovered that his stress was being triggered by: 

Mobile phone with ‘data’ on
  • Power transformers used in certain lights – specifically the one by his bed.
  • Mobile phones with ‘data’ on.
  • A specific frequency of ultraviolet light (381nm to be precise) 

Which meant that he was constantly under stress.
Once we’d uncovered the triggers, the next step was to work out and resolve what was being triggered. During a session, Shaun was guided to meditate and relax for a few minutes with with no electric lights, light or mobile phones present. He reported that he hadn’t felt this calm and relaxed since he could remember. He then put a mobile phone on his lap. 

Within seconds he began to feel agitated, stressed and angry. He stayed in this state for a few minutes and with guidance, began to realise that this was how he’d felt when one of his early businesses had failed about ten years ago. He remembered that he’d been on the phone a lot at the time while feeling upset and angry at the situation he’d been in and this was what the mobile phone had been triggering.

We then proceeded to process and release the anger and grief that had been ‘stuck’ in his system since that time. Because the subconscious mind is always in ‘now’, the energy of this trauma was constantly being activated by the mobile phone signal. 

Going from a state of calm to experiencing what was being triggered by the phone was unbelievable. Staying there until I realised that I hadn’t dealt with the anger and frustration I’d experienced at the time of my business going under, and resolving it was so liberating. I feel so much calmer all the time now and it’s enabled me to really move forward with my journey out of fear and into love.



Unresolved pain, anger, fear, grief and other strong emotions stay in our subconscious until they are resolved. The psyche seems to associate certain triggers with the energy field of these unresolved emotions as a way to link the trigger and the issue together.

This can be frustrating on one hand, but on the other hand it’s gift that can provide us the way in to unresolved issues that we may otherwise not get to. These can block us from freeing ourselves from fear. 

If you are experiencing an ongoing emotional, spiritual or physical health challenge that’s holding you back from being awesome, and are curious to discover how to begin to resolve it, then get in touch today. I really look forward to talking!