How the Trauma Processing System of the Psyche works

The Trauma Processing System TPS is what I’ve come to call the way the bind/body system processes the emotional energy that is generated as a result of traumatic or challenging events. It’s a way of understanding why some people find it difficult to recover from challenging life experiences and some don’t. 

Trauma Processing System

The way it seems to work is that there are different parts of the psyche that process/deal with different kinds of trauma. When we experience a event that generates a lot of emotional energy, for example an accident, losing a loved one or being fired unexpectedly, this energy needs to be processed by our psyche. 

If you think how many emotions we experience when we grieve, in addition to the grief itself. Possibly fear of being alone, anger at being left behind,  rage at the unfairness of it and so on. 

This bundle of energy can’t be processed at once and is stored in aspects of our mind/body system until it can be. 

But if for some reason it’s just too much for the system, it can get jammed up. This can manifest as not being able to recover from the grief for many years. Or it can manifest as something seemingly innocuous such as seeing a death on TV causing the original grief to explode into awareness again despite thinking it had been resolved. 

How Jo’s mother’s trauma affected her until it was healed. 

Jo had been experiencing feelings of abandonment and loneliness since she was a little girl, which had got worse since her mother died. When discussing this with her I told her that I felt that these emotions felt like they weren’t hers. She immediately said that she knew they were here mothers but she was unable to do anything about it.

WW2 – Trauma

She told me that her mother’s father had been murdered by the Nazis in WW2 when she was two years old and she had been affected by it all her life. 

When working together we tuned into the grief of her mother and spent some moments experiencing it. There was a lot of grief, but also anger, rage and fear experienced by the father. This condensed bundle of emotional energy, a combination of her grandfathers and mothers, and whatever she had added to over the years was jamming up her TPS and resulting in her being unable to process her own experiences effectively. 

When we began to heal this bundle of stuck emotions, after an initial period of experiencing them, a great sense of relief and peace came over us. Jo said that for the first time since she can remember, she didn’t feel a gnawing sense of anger and grief. 

The Collective/Family TPS of Jo’s psyche had been jammed up and affecting her own ability to process her own trauma. Once this had been unjammed, the healing and processing of trauma could continue.


Our psyche has a way of processing the strong emotions and other forms of energy generated from life experiences that I call the Trauma Processing System. When this gets jammed up, further difficult life experiences cannot be processed and this then manifests in emotional, physical or spiritual challenges. 

If you are experiencing an ongoing emotional, spiritual or physical health challenge that’s holding you back from moving on in your life and are curious to discover how to begin to resolve it, then schedule a complementary chat here. I really look forward to talking!