How unresolved family/ancestral trauma and fear can be holding you back in your life

Find out how Julie’s gnawing sense of fear and dread was being triggered by water, and was inherited from her father’s experience of drowning as a little boy. 

Our family, biological or adopted, is a big part of who we are, and we inherit many of our beliefs and habits from them. Our parents in turn inherited many of their beliefs and habits from their parents and so on, down the generations. This information, these beliefs and habits, is present in what in my clinical experience I’ve come to call the family information field. 

Family field

This a field of information and energy similar to the concept of morphic resonance suggested by biologist Rupert Sheldrake. It’s how he explains the problem that much of the information that living organisms need to exist is not held in the DNA, so this information must be stored and passed down the generations in another way. For example habits of behaviour that children have that are the same as one of their biological parents that they have never lived with.  

In addition to beliefs and habits, this information field stores the collective experience of all family members. This can be unresolved trauma (the result of one or more highly stressful experiences that the person was unable to deal with/process at the time), fear, anger, grief, rage, shame and so on.  

I’ve often found that unresolved family trauma can be triggered by things in the environment that we are always exposed to such as specific frequencies of light, electromagnetic radiation (mobile phones, power transformers for laptops and electrical appliances) foods, other people, ourselves, certain situations etc)

How Julie’s gnawing sense of fear was caused by a trauma her father had experienced as a boy 

Julie had been experiencing feelings of fear and dread since she could remember, along with feeling thirsty and a need to urinate often. Her doctor had discounted the possibility of something more serious like diabetes and she felt frustrated and mystified as to what could be causing it. 

With a glass of water placed in front of her for a few minutes, Julie started to feel nervous, fearful and agitated. This had the affect of amplifying the exact feelings that she’d been experiencing for some time and she realised that water was the trigger.  
While being guided to fully stay with these feelings, she recognised having these them since she was little, which brought back memories of being on holiday by the seaside and feeling the same sense of gnawing fear and dread.  

She then got pictures and sensations of what she knew was the cottage by a lake in the country  where her father grew up, and experiencing his sense of fear at someone nearly drowning, perhaps his mother or grandmother.  


By focusing with compassion and unconditional love on her fathers fear of losing a loved one and being alone, the process of integrating these emotions that her father was unable process at the time began. This had the effect of healing this unresolved trauma from the family field and enabled Julie to resolve her fear.  

“When I connected my fear to water and my father’s experiences, so many things from my past fell into place and I heard lots of pennies dropping around me! 

It finally made sense why I was feeling like that, and why I couldn’t get to the bottom of it by just working on myself. wow.”


Once the intensity of her father’s trauma had become neutral, and she was able to focus on his experience without any other negative feelings, she was able to then resolve her subconscious fear of water and be at peace.

This is a great example of how unresolved trauma experienced by a member of the family can be transmitted down the generations and have a sometimes serious affect on us. 


The problem is that instead of uncovering the root cause of emotions and behaviours that hold us back, we often adapt our behaviour to avoid certain situations, or put mechanisms in place to mitigate their effects. 

This limits our potential as it makes us smaller, less awesome and stops us from living our life to it’s full potential. 

If you are experiencing an ongoing emotional, spiritual or physical health challenge that’s holding you back from being awesome, and are curious to discover how to begin to resolve it, then schedule a complementary chat here. I really look forward to talking!