How I work

In my experience of guiding clients to transform a range of emotional, spiritual and physical challenges that they they had been unable to resolve for years, I found that the root cause of their challenges had often been unresolved trauma, limiting beliefs, unhelpful behaviour patterns and unprocessed emotions.

When these are gently and safely released and transformed, we are able to come out of stress, move into our personal power, our body is able to heal and we are able to take the decisions we need to transform our life situation, however challenging it may seem.

By a unique process of intuitive discovery I am able to unpack the elements of every issue, and guide you through to heal them in a safe and practical way.

There is also a strong practical element, with tools and techniques available you can implement to reduce your stress and enable you deal with challenges rationally and creatively rather than from a place of ‘fight or flight’.

You will also get personalised exercises and activities to enable you to continue the transformation process in your own time. There may also be work that needs to be done with those around you, or people that are no longer physically present but affecting you in some way.

Depending on the nature of your challenges, there may also be supplements to take, foods to avoid and so on.