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Hello, I’m Jacob, founder of Inner Freedom Healing. I am healer who has developed a healing system based on breathwork, intention and acceptance.

My mission is to show a million people how to heal themselves and their loved ones from trauma and physical and emotional health challenges.

I want to reach more people all over the world and spread my knowledge to helps others in their healing journey so if you are looking for a guest/speaker, it would be a great opportunity to talk about healing.

Topics we can talk about: 

  • Healing in general
  • Healing trauma
  • How to get from suffering to joy in life
  • How our lives are a reflection of how healed our subconscious mind is
  • How healing our kids and loved ones heals us as well

Questions I am ready to answer: 

  • Why do many people find it challenging to heal from trauma and can you outline the process?
  • Can you explain how prenatal (in the womb) and perinatal (immediately before and after birth)  can affect us in life and how you’d go about resolving it?
  • Can you explain with some examples how the mind can create physical health issues?
  • What exactly is spiritual awakening and what’s the process for doing it?
  • Why does childhood trauma have such a debilitating effect and what how can it be healed?
  • How is it possible that healing can be done remotely and how does it work?
  • Can you outline the role of nervous system reflexes and how they are affected by trauma?
  • Can you explain why we can sometimes, on a subconscious level want to keep suffering and what we can do about it?
  • Tell me more about how our default state as human beings is to be in joy and wonder at being alive and how do we get there?

If you’d like to discuss speaking opportunities then please use the contact us widget at the bottom of this page.