Spiritual Awakening Program

Have you been on a healing or spiritual journey and reached a plateau? Do you think that you have reached as far as you can and that awakening is too much hard work or out of your reach? 

Do you think that it’s only for Zen masters, Tibetan monks, well known spiritual teachers, or that you need to spend your life in retreat at a monastery with no guarantee of success? 

Fortunately this is not true. Awakening is the process that naturally begins when you keep on healing and accepting yourself as you truly are, with all the illusions of the ego such as fear, shame, grief, anger and so on. 

The key is to be able to connect with our pure intention/presence to specific parts of our energy field – namely the ‘knots’ or illusions of self and separation from the Tao/God in our Chakras that are stopping us from seeing reality as it truly is. 

When we continue with healing we get to a point, as I did when we realise that what we thought was ‘I’ was a creation of who we were before we began our journey of healing. The more we heal we begin to notice that the part of us that is intending the healing process is different from the part you that is stuck in fear, or shame, or grief or rage. 

And we realise that the not fully healed part of us is like a weight or unhealed part of our ever clearer awareness. 

When this begins to happen we realise that what is going on is that all the parts of our consciousness that are stuck in different parts of our life and haven’t been accepted begin to heal by bringing our full presence to bear on them. We also accept the parts of our energy field that are our parents and ancestors. 

What I just shared above is what I address with my clients in my 3 month small (5 max) online Awakening group programs where I take small, supported groups through this process and we share the journey together.

This is not enlightenment, but the completion of the preparation stage of Tantric Buddhism before the journey to enlightenment can begin. 

This program is for people that are close to the end of healing their trauma and mind and body.

The investment for these programs is mid to low 5 figures and is for people who are looking for Awakening in a safe, professional and guided online environment.

I will also be teaching and sharing this process in my learning how to heal course to make this affordable and accessible to all. 

Get in touch today using the form below if interested in this program, with the best way to contact you and when, and we’ll chat to see if we are a good fit. If we are we can get started right away :-). 

I really look forward to serving you!