Success Stories

The Tomlinson family – resolving adoption challenges

Since working with Jacob, our adopted daughter has been so much more calmer and present, as have we! We were under a lot of pressure with her, feeling we weren’t being as good parents as we could be but not being able to do more.

We did a lot of work on relationships with her and her biological parents, and it’s transformed her anxiety levels. She’s also stopped being bullied at school which has been amazing.

Moira & John Tomlinson and kids

Judy & Sam – ADHD

Judy is separated from her husband, and Sam her son was diagnosed with ADHD. We worked with Sam to unravel and resolve the nervous system reflexes that were causing his constant fidgeting and concentration challenges. Sam also put in place a breathwork and mindfulness practice to reconnect with his body.

“Just wanted to say we are situation calm here!
You are a miracle worker!
Thank you for everything!


Isobel – Being in fear of close family members and feeling stuck in life

I started working with Jacob because my life seemed to be stuck and my relationships with my extended family were at an all time low.
He was able to identify some ancestral problems and help me to heal them.
Since working with Jacob these relationships are slowly moving forward and I no longer fear being in their company. I have also noticed that my money situation has improved greatly, as if I am suddenly more visible to the clients who need my services. This has boosted my confidence no end. I feel calmer and “quiet inside my head”. I don’t ever remember feeling this able to deal with whatever life throws at me. Thank you so much, Jacob. It was an awesome experience and I will be recommending you whenever I can.


Johann – High levels of stress and anxiety.

I had been anxious and fearful of life since I can remember. High pressure at work to deliver on our targets pushed me over the edge and left me struggling to cope.

During my healing programme I learned how to deal with stress and anxiety on a very practical level, and we resolved the root causes of my anxiety which went back a long way.

I’m now in such a great place and loving work and life.


John – Lifelong excess weight.

I was recommended to consult Jacob principally about my lifetime problem about losing weight. Since childhood I have followed many regimes and diets with no long term success.

Jacob works differently to anyone I’ve worked with before. I He helped me to clear the long standing subconscious patterns of thought and behaviour which contributed to the sabotage of my previous attempts to control my weight. In the light of his work I feel that I now have a better understanding of these mechanisms, and I experience more empowerment, moderate and balance my eating habits successfully. We also addressed other unhelpful behaviours that I had allowed to develop in a variety of situations.

In Jacob you will find a knowledgable, compassionate, and forward thinking practitioner who works at the cutting edge of new medical research*


Angela – Long-term health challenges

For me the emotional work was a big factor of improving my wellbeing; by identifying the ‘traumas’ in my life and releasing that draining energy I have been able to take giant leaps to a happier, healthier life for me and my family.  As a mother your family feed off your energy and so it was important that I work on fixing me.

Working with Jacob has been very easy, he explains the process well and works with you at your speed.  I highly recommend Jacob!*


Samantha – Long-term sleep challenges

My life has been transformed since working with Jacob to resolve my long-term sleep challenges. I honestly thought I’d never have a good night’s sleep again.   


Samantha had been unable to have a good night’s sleep for over 15 years. It was seriously affecting her ability to keep her business and personal life going. 

She’s now full of energy and focussing on growing her new business.*

Eva – High blood pressure

I came to see Jacob about my high blood pressure after I had feinted three times in week and knew I had to do something about it. The Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and sent me home every time.
I didn’t know what to expect but we quickly started by working on my stress. He taught me to understand that I was actually very stressed and anxious. 
We did timeline work to identify the traumatic events that I hadn’t been aware were unresolved. We then went through each traumatic event until it was no longer causing me subconscious stress. It was very emotional but after each clearing, I felt such peace and calm.
This and some supplements mean my blood pressure is far more stable, and I haven’t had a high pressure episode since then.
Amazing, thank you, *


Helen – Itchy and painful skin.

I’ had a really painful skin condition for many years. I was constantly itching and scratching and embarrassed about the red blotches I would get.
I came to see Jacob on the recommendation of a friend.  After working through the root causes of stress and anxiety and taking digestive enzymes, vitamin and probiotics supplements, the itching and blotches cleared.
I now have normal skin and am so happy I’m not itching any more and can wear what I want! *


Jo – Lyme Disease

Lyme is notably difficult to treat and causes a multitude of challenging health issues. My worst symptoms have been joint damage, inflammation, fatigue and despair. Jacob went the extra mile by ordering in a new Lyme testing kit just for me, and as predicted his results identified biofilm and three particular Lyme stealth organisms. During the sessions Jacob explained the protocols he was using clearly and was sensitive, patient and kind which allowed me to fully relax.
The follow-up I received included full instructions of how to eradicate the condition, detailed and comprehensive dietary advice and a free e-book. It has taken me seven months to fully clear the symptoms, but the sessions with Jacob have been excellent value compared to the thousands I have spent previously with private medical doctors and other complementary practitioners. Therefore, I strongly recommend Jacob as a first line point of contact if you are suffering with this condition.*

Jo Trewarta. Trainer, mentor and coach

Mina. Fear of driving and an unresolved and still painful relationship.

One of my issues was fear of driving longer distances, which I used to enjoy till I had a problem with my left foot 7 years ago and it affected my driving. My physical problems are solved, but since then I suffered with anxiety every time I thought of a car journey and simply avoided it. In one session with Jake my anxiety went! I started driving again, enjoyed it… it really felt like a miracle and gave me a sense of freedom in my life.
We also worked on some problematic personal relationships and again, there was a sense of lightness and relief afterwards, I felt at ease, clear and confident when meeting up with the people involved later, and also sensed THEY changed in their way of relating to me. Any old “stickiness” was gone.
After each session I felt lighter, happier, more open to possibilities, as if I released huge weight. I would definitely like to use this in my life again. Thank you Jacob!! *

*Actual results may vary