Trauma/PTSD Healing

Traumatic events in our life such as physical abuse, combat experience, accidents, emotional abuse and so on can leave a great deal of unprocessed emotional energy in our physical body and our psyche. 

Trauma/PTSD Healing

This happens because at the time of the events, or over the period of multiple events, our psyche stops being able to process all the emotions that are being generated in response to what is going on. 

When this happens, the energy, with nowhere to go, gets stored in the psyche and is stuck in the processing system until we are able to process this energy. This energy, a ‘condensed energy experience’ as I call it, is a combination of fear, shame, terror, guilt, anger and all the emotions we experience at the time but can’t deal with.

This is why unresolved trauma, whether due a specific event or due to long-term challenging life experiences can have such a paralysing effect on our lives. This is because we are carrying such a highly charged ‘bundle’ of energy that we then need to spend even more energy and effort to keep suppressed. 

By working intuitively directly with this energy field, we are able to heal some of this excess energy in a safe and manageable way so that it can be processed by the psyche, and whatever spiritual lesson needed to be learned from the experience is still learned.

I grew up in a family where my parents spent 8 years of my life arguing. My father would beat my mother regularly when she would remonstrate with him for cheating on her and not supporting her. 

I remember not being able to sleep and listening to them arguing in the kitchen at night. I would cry and hate myself for not being able to protect mum. 

Working with this stuck trauma energy and releasing the mass of stuck rage, fear, shame, anger , self disgust and so on that had caused me long-term anxiety allowed me to finally resolve 40 years of anxiety. *

Jacob Reimann

By intuitively working with you to share the burden of this stuck trauma energy, we can safely and gently heal the layers of stored strong emotions that are holding you back from peace and moving on with your life. 

If you have unresolved trauma or PSTD and you’d like to explore how this  and the stress that is being triggered can be resolved with intuitive healing, then schedule a Complementary Discovery Session to find out more. I really look forward to talking. 

*Results may vary from person to person